My 2016 Social Besties

As 2016 comes to an end, I share with you my "social besties"... the incredibly talented, inspiring, creative peeps that deliver magical, beautiful images to my glorious iPhone daily and give me pause from reality... reminding me that there is so much beauty to be absorbed in this very F'up world...

Interior Design

Herve Van Der Straeten 

The Future Perfect

Cabana Magazine

Caroline Keslassy

Ashley Stark

Art / Art Direction

Amy Stone

Charlie Schuck

Tracy Rocca

Michael Thorsby



Abigail Sees It

Honestly WTF

Who What Wear

Anine Bing



Jet Set Farryn

Paris in Four Months


Grant Achatz

The Butcher's Daughter

Canelle Vanille

Amazon Kitchen


Melinda French Gates

Sheryl Sandberg

Amy Schumer

Brene Brown

Grace Coddington

Happy New Year & God bless to all!


Rick Owens

"I'm a Los Angeles chichΓ©.  I had a conservative, controlled childhood, then became as uncontrolled as I could, then realized that I like control after all.  This is the story of my generation: kids that were too controlled and then became drug addicts and alcoholics before finding spirituality and Zen.  It's so common.  I'm totally common" - Rick Owens

Extraordinary and anything but common in my opinion.

Read the entire article here: BoF


Martha & Snoop

Whoever thunk up this genius collaboration between the most unlikely but adorable pair is my new best friend.  "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" premiere's Monday night on VH1 and I can't WAIT to tune in.

You say "potato", I say "potizzle"

View the hysterical trailer here: YouTube

Read more about the duo here: NYTimes